Thursday, January 19, 2012

Freedom's Families

Freedom's Families is a new support group aimed at saving families of veterans from the devastation of divorce.
Freedom's Families brings disabled veterans from around the country to Utah with their families for a recreation based retreat experience and introduce them to the purposive use of recreation to improve communication skills, help negotiate family roles post-disability, and strengthen family cohesion while improving family life satisfaction.  Families will eat meals together, overcome challenges together, increase leisure awareness capabilities, and communicate in a safe and enjoyable environment.

"My family and I have experienced the devastating effects of life with PTSD.  I very nearly lost my life and my family as a result of the loss of hope that accompanies PTSD.  Recreation quite literally saved my life, and a family recreation program saved our family from becoming another statistic.  We were able to reconnect and begin to heal because someone introduced us to the purposive use of recreation in strengthening families.  If I can share the peace and hope of family recreation with even one family and save them from the devastation of divorce, all our pain will have been worth it."- Warren Price, founder of Freedom's Families, feel free contact him with questions or to get involved with Freedom's Families at
May we thank a veteran today!

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